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We partner with Minerva Networks as a third party vendor for creating User’s Guide and Instructional Videos, which are based on the current Minerva xTVFusion release.



Dynamic Duo

Welcome to our Website from Melinda Crawley, the President of MS Communications. MS Communications has been creating User Guides since 2007. The TV User's Guides and Instructional Videos, based on the current Minerva release, evolved as part of the training and in partnership with Minerva Networks. On this web page we emphasize the dynamic duo of User's Guides and the new Instructional Videos, a description of how they help your customer use their electronic program guide and details of each product and samples.

Instructional Video

Benefits Video

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Instructional Video

MS Communication’s instructional video, using the graphics of the current Minerva release with a voice-over, clearly explains the helpful features that appear on your television screen (Electronic Program Guide).

This is not a “one size fits all” video. To meet our clients different needs, the video comes in several helpful formats – ranging from a full length video and a short overview (played over the local channel) with an accompanying DVD for replication, to modules that can be loaded into your VoD server and accessed through the Rental icons.

There’s more – your name, logo, telephone number at the beginning and the end, and even chapters you wish to exclude implies you have created this valuable tool.

Reducing trouble calls and truck rolls, satisfying customers and creating a professional image are all benefits of the instructional video.

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Benefits User Guides

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User's Guides

MS Communication’s Instructional TV User’s Guide is a full-colored, press ready, electronic format guide that recreates everything the customer sees on their TV screen.

The guide is easy to use, understandable, and guides the customer through every task from ordering pay per view, to setting reminders, to setting parental controls.

Press-and web-ready Minerva User’s Guides are customized with your company’s logo, remotes, STB’s, contact information, and the ability to exclude sections.

Almost fifty service providers already praise the value of these instructional Electronic Program Guides.

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