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MS Communications is a telecommunications training firm established in 1981 by its President Melinda Crawley. She has researched, designed and presented over 400 training sessions to the Independent Telephone industry throughout the United States, Canada, Micronesia and the Caribbean. The training has evolved with the rapidly advancing techology.

When we conducted our broadband training classes, we initially created guides for employee training. Companies and employees expressed a need for a guide for their customers that was like their training materials. That is easy to understand and could lead customers step-by-step through every feature offered by their service. Recognizing and meeting these needs was the birth of our Users Guides.

Since 2006, we have been a successful third party vendor for Minerva Networks for the development of the IPTV Minerva Networks User's Guide. We currently have almost 50 clients that we keep updated. In 2010, at Minerva Networks' request, we introduced the Instructional Video created for IPTV systems using the current Minerva Networks release.


Valuable User's Guide Brochures

Video Guides

Digital User's Guide Benefits - (click here for pdf)

Digital Video User's Guide Brochure - explains the product, the process used to create and customize each clients electronic copy, and the final product in InDesign for the printer and Adobe Acrobat format for the web -
(click here for pdf)

Digital Video User's Guide Sample Manual - samples of the guide with bookmarks, from different sections in the guide - (click here for pdf)

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Full Length Instructional Video Components include:

DVD Video

  • Full Length Video (plays over local channel)
  • Licensed Master Customized DVD - for a listing of the Chapters - (click here for pdf)
  • Short Overview (summary of full length video that plays over local channel)





Demo of the Full Length Instructional Video Offering

For user convenience, a Master DVD is created from each provider's customized Full Length video. We have selected the convenient DVD format to demonstrate this service.

This DVD sample demo is designed to show you what the customized DVD will look like and how it works. In the demo, you will see:

  • A Welcome to the DVD demo
  • Next, you'll see the Customized DVD introductory graphic. Here is where a company's name, phone number and logo will be placed.
    The company's name will be in the introductory audio twice.
  • Then the Chapter Menu screen appears which lists all Chapters available.
  • You move up and down on the Chapter screen with the arrow buttons on your DVD remote to the topic desired.
  • Menu and Infobar Chapters are reviewed. At the conclusion of each chapter, you are automatically taken back to the Chapter Menu screen.
  • A place to customize a company's name and phone number is shown on the bottom of the Chapter menu screen.



Demo of the Modular Instructional Video Offering

Modular Instructional Video Components:

  • Narrative - two minute video designed to play over the local channel to direct customers to the Rental icon.
  • Modules can be loaded into your VoD server and accessed through the Rental icon. For a listing of the Modules and their lengths - (click here for pdf)

The demo explains how the components work and shows the entire Narrative and one of the modules, Search. In the demo, you will see:

  • A Welcome to the Modular demo.
  • An explanation of the two pieces of the Modular instructional video explaining:
    - how the Narrative airs over the local channel and directs customer to the Rental icon.
    - how to access the modules from Rental (Providers will need to customize their Rental listings with the modules names)
    - once the module is selected in Rentals it is then pulled up through the VoD server and shown on the customers television screen.
  • Illustrates how the introductory graphic on the Narrative video can be customized to each client.
  • The demo then shows the full two minute Narrative and the complete Search module, which is also 2 minutes.




Valuable Instructional Video Brochures

Instructional Video


Instructional Video - Shows benefits of both Full Length and Modular video formats (click here for pdf).

Video Brochure - Full description of both formats of the video (click here for pdf).

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